Company Outing

The workplace can be stressful at times and often we forget to connect with one another. We believe that it is important to let the brain relax every once in a while and to reconnect with our colleagues on a personal level. Therefore, we organized a company outing on 7 – 8 February in Lembang, West Java, attended by all staff across departments, levels and work locations.
During the 2 days program, we did some team building activities and synergy games. We also went to a park, The Floating Market- Lembang, to enjoy the scenery and the local delicacies. The highlight of the program was the “80’s theme party” where staff dressed up in 80’s style and enjoyed some music and dance.
The whole program, designed to cultivate meaningful relationships among employees and between employees and the company, seems to enable the member of staff to bond and this becomes the catalyst for genuine team chemistry. Post evaluation and comments from staff suggest that they are really satisfied with the program and that overall, collaboration and engagement level has greatly increased.